As a family owned business, we consider sustainability in the long term the basic principle of our actions.

We are committed to the development, implementation and improvement of an integrated quality, environmental and risk prevention management system for our Anglesola and Burgos plants.

We respect laws, regulations and internal rules to ensure safety and protection of our people and the environment.

We promote and stimulate a sense of responsibility for safety at work and environmental protection with all our employees.

We are continuously optimizing emissions, resources and energy consumption, recycling and reusing any kind of waste generated during our production processes.

In our Anglesola plant, 30% of our raw materials have been recycled before, in house or at external recycling companies.

In our Burgos plant 8% of our raw material is recycled during the production process. Any other final producto residue is recycled and reused by company Schmitz B.V.

In addition, in the second half of 2023, OKC will install the first crosslinked foam recycling line in Europe in its Burgos factory.

We set and pursue short and medium term goals in order to ensure the long term continuity of our company, being our main objective the continuous satisfaction of our customers´needs and expectations in an effective, sustainable and profitable way.

Further environmental information can be requested here.

January 1, 2023